To make a warranty claim, always keep the vehicle model, date of purchase, serial number, and information from the retailer where you purchased the ebike.

This warranty does not diminish your legal rights as a purchaser and may vary depending on the state within the United States. Before delving into the explanation below, we strongly encourage you to read the manual that accompanies each product before embarking on your initial ride. These manuals contain crucial safety information, as well as details about assembly, usage, and maintenance. Additionally, ECORD recommends registering your ECORD bicycle upon purchase, a process facilitated at While registration is not mandatory to avail this warranty, it helps facilitate improved service from ECORD in the future.

As elaborated below, ECORD provides a limited warranty for defects in materials and workmanship on products subsequent to the original retail purchase date, subject to compliance with ECORD's publicly shared guidelines under regular usage conditions. These guidelines encompass, but are not limited to, technical specifications, user manuals, and data included in service communications. "Original retail purchase" refers to the first acquisition of the product from an accredited ECORD retailer or directly from ECORD. As outlined in the comprehensive instructions that follow, specific warranty coverage can be extended to subsequent owners. 

Products Covered

 ECORD brand frames and frame kits: ECORD offers a warranty to the original retail purchaser for the structural integrity of the frame or frame kit, lasting for one (1) year* starting from the original retail purchase date. This definition excludes paint and graphics. Frame kits include ECORD brand frames equipped with ECORD brand rigid forks. Suspension forks and components are not covered within the frame or frame kit definition.

*Registered Lifetime Warranty: If you register your bike with ECORD within ninety (90) days following the original retail purchase date, ECORD ensures the structural integrity of the frame or frame kit for the duration of the ownership of the original retail purchaser. Registration can be completed at

ECORD brand parts, equipment, and paint and graphics on ECORD brand frames and frame kits: Covered for 1 year from the original retail purchase date. This includes components like motors and other drivetrain elements on electric bikes.

ECORD brand batteries on electric bikes: Covered for 1 year from the original retail purchase date or until 300 charging cycles are completed, whichever comes first. These batteries are designed to retain 75% of their original capacity during this period.

Accessories and other items not explicitly covered by ECORD brand: Covered for 1 year from the original retail purchase date.

Third-party components on ECORD bikes

Manufacturers of third-party components may offer applicable warranties for non-ECORD components (such as drivetrain systems, brakes, or suspension components). For information on warranty coverage for third-party components, please refer to the manufacturer's website for further details. This warranty does not extend to third-party components. Authorized ECORD retailers can provide more information.

Conditions for Subsequent Owners 

Yes. The warranty period is always calculated from the original retail purchase date, and ECORD needs to determine the timing and place of product acquisition. Proof of purchase should be obtained from the original owner or the authorized ECORD retailer who facilitated the sale.

Labor Costs for Warranty

Within the first year following the original retail purchase date, you will not be subject to labor fees related to warranty processing.

Warranty Terms 

To take advantage of this warranty, you must provide ECORD with a dated proof of the original retail purchase. Whether you're the initial retail buyer or a subsequent owner, evidence of the original retail purchase is essential. In all circumstances, ECORD reserves the right to limit warranty services to the country or region of the product's purchase. During the warranty period, ECORD will either repair the product or offer a replacement of the same or similar product, at ECORD's discretion. This is because we do not indefinitely stock identical replacement parts or colors. If a replacement product is provided, the original product must be returned to ECORD before the replacement is dispatched, unless an alternate arrangement has been mutually agreed upon in writing by ECORD. There will be no cost for shipping the product to ECORD or for any shipping costs associated with replacement products.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage 

This warranty becomes void and inapplicable in cases of damage resulting from the following:

1.Incorrect assembly or installation

2.Collisions, negligence, improper repairs, inadequate maintenance, or other instances of abnormal, excessive, or improper use


4.Unauthorized modifications or the installation of non-original components, parts, or accessories not intended for use with the product or incompatible with it; or

5.Failure to adhere to the appropriate maintenance or service intervals as stipulated in the written instructions provided with the product

If you're uncertain whether a specific circumstance is covered, please consult the customer service.

Wear and Tear

Normal wear and tear refers to the inevitable damage that occurs during typical riding. For example, even with proper upkeep, your gears and chain will eventually wear out, necessitating replacement. The same applies to scratches and other potential damage to a bicycle's paint or graphics due to regular usage and exposure to external conditions. Over time, your bicycle may also emit minor creaks or other noises during riding, indicating the need for maintenance. These instances of wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. The following list provides a non-exhaustive compilation of additional typical wear and tear occurrences not covered by this warranty:


2.Brake Pads


4.Free Hub Bodies

5.Handlebar Grips

6.Rubber moving parts

7.Shifter, brake cables and casings



10.Stripped threads/bolts


12.Transmission gears

Initiating the Warranty Process

The first step is to contact the customer experience department or an authorized ECORD retailer, depending on the location of the original purchase. Your retailer or representative will assess the product and subsequently reach out to you for the next steps. You can contact your original authorized ECORD retailer, or if you made an online purchase, you can complete a form (warranty form).

Shipping Damage Coverage 

Damage sustained during product transportation is not covered by this warranty. However, ECORD agrees to provide coverage if you:

1.Notify ECORD of product damage sustained during transportation within thirty (30) days of receiving the product

2.Provide ECORD with timely dated images and/or videos documenting the damaged product

3.Return all original packaging and documentation included with the product

4.Conduct a thorough inspection of the product immediately upon receipt; or thoroughly document any obvious, visible damage on the product before signing the carrier's delivery receipt for product transportation

5.If you choose to use your independent mode of transportation, such as a freight forwarder or similar service, ECORD will not be responsible for replacing products damaged during such transportation.

Disclaimer of Implied Warranties

This constitutes ECORD's comprehensive statement regarding the product. Any other statements made by any parties shall not create any warranties concerning the product. To the maximum extent permitted by law, ECORD's liability within the scope of this warranty shall not exceed the original purchase price, and ECORD shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages or losses. This limitation does not exempt ECORD from liability for death or personal injury arising from ECORD's negligence.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, ECORD expressly disclaims all implied warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, throughout the duration of this express limited warranty period.

Certain states, provinces, or countries may not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or warranties, hence the aforementioned limitation or exclusion may not apply. If a court with jurisdiction determines that a particular warranty provision is inapplicable, all other provisions shall remain in full force.

For inquiries regarding the warranty, please contact your authorized ECORD retailer or ECORD. The most current contact information for your market can be found at


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