About Us

Welcome to ECORD, where we are dedicated to transforming the way we move and explore our surroundings. As a pioneering electric bike maker, we are committed to crafting exceptional electric bikes that combine innovation, sustainability, and style. Our mission is to empower individuals to embrace eco-friendly transportation solutions that enhance their lives and contribute to a cleaner and brighter future.

ECORD Electric Bike

The Meaning Behind ECORD

ECORD represents our core values and vision for electric mobility. The name itself is derived from the combination of two key concepts: "Eco" and "Cord."

"Eco" represents our commitment to environmental sustainability. It symbolizes our deep-rooted belief that clean and green transportation can make a significant impact in creating a more sustainable world. By prioritizing eco-friendly features and technologies, we aim to reduce carbon emissions and promote a healthier planet for generations to come.

"Cord" represents the connection we strive to build between our electric bikes and riders. It signifies the bond between technology and human interaction, as well as the freedom and flexibility our bikes provide. The name "Cord" also alludes to the electrical power source that fuels our bikes, highlighting the innovative and efficient nature of our electric mobility solutions.

Our Promise

At ECORD, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We invest in rigorous research, design excellence, and advanced manufacturing techniques to create electric bikes that surpass industry standards. Every ECORD bike is meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and exhilarating riding experience for our customers.

Sustainability and Innovation

ECORD stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the electric bike industry. We combine cutting-edge technologies with eco-conscious materials to deliver bikes that are energy-efficient, emission-free, and fully aligned with our commitment to a greener future. Our relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to continuously improve and develop new features, providing riders with state-of-the-art electric bikes that push the boundaries of performance and style.

Join the ECORD Community

We invite you to join the growing ECORD community and embrace the power of electric mobility. Whether you're commuting through city streets, exploring off-road trails, or embarking on exciting adventures, our electric bikes are designed to enhance every aspect of your journey. Discover the freedom, convenience, and joy of riding an ECORD electric bike, and become a part of the movement towards a sustainable and electrifying future.

ECORD Electric Bike Community